When Your Mother is Crying, You Must Comfort Her

September 24, 2019
No one would ever dream of hurting their mother. We shudder to imagine the guilt that would come with making her cry; with causing her pain that we have no choice but to feel as well. Right now, our mother is desperate for relief. She is begging us to stop, so why aren't we listening? We go on about gratitude. We go on about change... on this beautiful planet we inhabit, where is the love?  

Living in this day and age, the scientific evidence is too plain to deny. For most Australians, we're exposed to the consistent news of extreme weather conditions, rising temperatures and uncontrollable bushfires destroying the natural environment. Evidently, it’s not a question of whether or not you believe in Climate Change - it's simply a fact.

Unfortunately, our Government can be extremely short-sighted when it comes to protecting our planet. To put it plainly, their inaction makes us question: 'What’s the point of putting money into the quality of the roof-over our heads while our planet (our real home) is literally being destroyed? Why invest in a future that is no longer guaranteed and profitable for mankind?' Forget how much return you got on your stocks last financial year, what about the return of a sustainable existence? When change doesn't happen due to apathetic behaviour, I can honestly feel my faith in humanity slipping away. I feel anxious for the state of the world we live in, with its power hungry politicians and ability to turn a blind eye in the face of disaster. If the leaders can't lead, what hope do we really have?

Then again, who said that leaders have to be the ones in suits? Seeing the large sea of protestors last Friday for the Climate Strike reignited a strong spark of hope in me, for the more people that speak, the more the government have to sit up and listen. Thankfully, social media has helped inform and educate people about issues that relate directly to Climate Change and pollution. Born of the tech-generation, I've discovered how important it is - now more than ever - for our community to take action for our future while our government sleeps. Anything we can do is better than nothing, as it all comes down to the small actions of many people combined to initiate change. 

Let’s catch our mother's tear before it falls from her face. Let's comfort her, show her the respect she deserves,  and most importantly, be there for when she needs us most. 

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