Respect Your Failures

September 18, 2019

Recently, it occurred to me that one of my favourites bands had removed all their old songs from Spotify, and it made me wonder, ‘was it them or their record label who chose to remove them, and why?’ Are they no longer proud of their first achievements, or do they no longer identify with their origins? This was hard for me to comprehend, because as different to their current music as those songs were, it was their unique qualities which first attracted me to the artists and gained them their fan base. Then I got to thinking, just because something isn’t shiny and new, why can’t it represent the future? Why are artists hiding their past creations to make way for the ‘new and improved’ versions of themselves?

As a creative, it's inevitable to have ups and downs; especially as a freelancer who relies on self-motivation and ambition. It’s easy to get bummed-out when things aren’t flowing, and I can vouch for that! However, after reflecting on my first photos, films, and events that didn’t work so well, I now believe that as an artist, you must respect your experience with every failure, just as much as every success. An authentic creative should honour this.

Everything we create takes energy, strength, time and passion to put our unique spin on expression, beauty and opportunity. Therefore, whether it's film, photography, design or visual art, the finished product should be a true representation of oneself. It’s a vulnerable process, attracting all kinds of judgement, so why should we be afraid of our history when we could embrace the fact that we dedicate our lives to honing our craft? Like a scrapbook collage, it's a deeply personal process of self-discovery for the individual that makes you who you are today- not just the artist, but the art. Now that’s divine creativity that should not be tampered with!

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